Retro Games

Der caschy hat vorgestern ein YouTube-Video verlinkt. Mensch, werd ich alt. So viele Video-Spiele …

Es ist dieses hier:

Ich vermiss aber einige Titel. Erinnert sich noch jemand an Banjoo-Kazooie?

Und was ist mit Spyro?

Oder Crash? Wie kann man nur Crash vergessen?!

Turok hab ich nicht gespielt:

Wenn ich an Kirby denke, kommt mir als erstes der Apfelbaum:

Ebenso fehlt die wohl bekannteste Frau der Spielgeschichte:

Bei diesem Spiel hab ich damals intensiv Metal gehört. Die Erinnerungen trage ich heute noch …

Wann gab’s eigentlich die ersten Drachen in Videospielen? Und wer hat FF1 gespielt?

Wenn’s geht, holt euch den ersten Teil. Ich war enttäuscht vom Nachfolger.

Ich komm aus dem schwärmen gar nicht mehr raus …

Avoid the Noid. Eins der ersten Spiele, die ich überhaupt zocken durfte.

Natürlich, die Siedler II.

Worms gibt’s ewig:

Genauso wie die Lemmings:

oder Monkey Island

Von daher reiß ich mich jetzt zusammen und ende mit

Es gibt so viele tolle alte Spiele. Tim Wilson kann da sicher auch einiges von berichten. Was war nur damals los? Ich bin nur in den 90ern groß geworden. Die Grafik ist naja. Aber es hat Spaß gemacht. Was habt ihr so gespielt?

Ich bin gespannt, ob die Anleitung, die Andre Garzia im Rahmen des GSoC-Projektes entwickelt, dazu führen wird, einige dieser Spiele wieder aufleben zu lassen. Mit an Touch angepasstem Gameplay.

Vor Kurzem bin ich auch auf den Gaming-Bereich von Marcel Schwalb aufmerksam geworden. Sehr spannend!


9 Gedanken zu “Retro Games

  1. Thanks for the link! Great article too. Its frightening to think that in 30 years time, todays games will be in the same position as the 2600 ones are now. Will we look back at this time and think „wow, those games were so basic“ and having been born 70’s and lived through the stages of gaming one thing was always the same – at the time we couldn’t imagine things getting any better….oh how wrong we were. Great work, if you are interested you will have to come on the TechBytes Show.

  2. I meant to add…. (the last sentence got deleted by accident) – We often cover emulation and retro computing on TechBytes, so if you are interested drop me an email and we’ll set something up.

    • Thanks. I’m glad you like it!
      Well, I was born in 1989, so I missed all those Atari and Apple II games. But I experienced MSDOS and Gameboy. Actually we (a guy from Latin America and I) are porting a tamagotchi game to Firefox OS. Well, if I find time to progress.

      And I can imagine things getting better. What I’m missing is … reflection. What impact do games have in our lives? You probably have read about the US army using computer games to train their soldiers. Or think about games used in education (I’m annoyed of math being that deadpan. Well, learning coding I’m able to try something out to change that 🙂 And TuxMath is fun!).

      Here in Germany tetris is in the (tech) news today due to their anniversary. Next to other games.

      Concerning the TechBytes invitation. Thanks, but no. I’m not a fan of podcasts. They’re hardly accessible. One would need to transcript them and produce a version with sign language to make a podcast available to everyone. So I skip them entirely. But reading is fine.

      • 🙂

        Here’s something that I’ve long since thought…. Want to see GTA’s basis? I believe it was Elite. In the 80’s a open, free roaming game where you could be a pirate or trader was an early indicator of what was to come later.

        The problem with educational gaming (as I see it) is that teaching methods are always being changed. Government requirements etc mean that the teaching methods employed usually have to follow an agreed route.

        I think educational gaming is a good „additional“ thing however in my experience (with my lad) having played normal games, the educational ones are too shallow and boredom sets in. I think the interaction of a real person (a teacher) gets better results and a computer game just can’t offer that.

      • Oh well, I enjoyed playing Addy ( and Physikus ( among others.

        What I’m missing in education is a … discovery experience. Tinkering around with input and see what happens. I guess computer simulation may be favourable than buying new laboratory equipment 🙂
        At least on the long run.

        Look, many pupil have already a smartphone (for what I can tell here in Germany). Why don’t use it?

      • An excellent point. But there’s a disparity here in the UK, most schools ban mobile phones, so in the mind of the pupil I’d guess the phone is seen as a separate entity to the school and therefore something to say be social on.

        I expect it to change when tablets are standard issue to pupil (and I don’t think thats far off) maybe the market there for educational software would grow, however the difficulty as I see it, as I said before would be that agreed teaching methods change, even with subjects such as maths.

        I do see a rise in reference and research services for students, I see a Wikipedia for schools type service in the near future where students can collaborate with information and the service is locked away from the rest of the internet. I also see a rise in educational texts going to ebook, that would make sense too and what would be even better would be if some license could be sorted out that would allow a school to give its students access to the books required for their courses for free.

        I say this every decade and ever decade its been true – we live in interesting times.

      • Oh, right. Same here. Argh, I forgot about that one.

        But I remember one of our teachers tried to make us join a school-only Social Network and collaboration tool. Without luck.

        Hm, maybe it’s better off to start at higher education.
        Do you know the Open Education Working Group of Open Knowledge?
        I’m on their mailing list from the get-go.
        Interesting stories happening in the world. Just europe is … conservative.

      • What I can suggest is seek out a homeschooling forum, this is somewhere that the government doesn’t have the influence, I know certainly US side, there’s many that home school, educational packages designed around them and their needs I think would be rather good.

      • I’ve to think about it.
        Our constraint is our daughter being hearing disabled.
        We will probably be fighting for social inclusion, that is, being accepted on a regular school as this paces the way for later parents having the same situation.

        Home schooling isn’t allowed in Germany as far as I know. But a father can deal with his child after school 😉

        Like in

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